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Here are some more office desks options we have which are Rectangular bench Office Desks. These are the most popular office desks among businesses and offices as they are extremely versatile, the rectangular shape of these desks makes them suitable for any type of interior and the basic design offers linking multiple office desks with each other. You can also choose office desks in ireland with fitted drawers and pedestals or you can expand the storage space by getting a mobile pedestal.Wave Office Desks which have an irregular shape of the top in such office desks provides the user with more workspace and support as one side of the desk is wider than the other one and is directed towards the user. If you consider getting this type of office desk you should choose the right orientation of the desk.executive Office Desks – these top of the range desks come in stylish designs which look stunning in any type of executive areas. These desks are made of the highest quality materials which apart from great look provide long lasting durability.We are suppliers of rectangular office desks, wave office desks, workstation office desks,executive office desks and office tables. We also stock a variety of office desk accessories such as cable trays, modesty panels and desk extensions. All our office desks are made of the best quality materials which guarantee long time durability. 
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