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We have a full range of burgulary security safes, fireproof safes, fireproof filing cabinets, datacare safes.......basically any kind of security that you require to put any type of valuable or file into...we have it! It is very important that you find the correct safe for your particular requirement...e.g for storing computer discs for backups you would require a "datacare" safe which is a safe within a safe...this is because even though a normal fire safe will stop it from burning, the immense heat would destroy the electronic data that is stored on the computer files. Contact our sales team and we can advise the best option. 
Titan 1250 series
Titan 1250 
fireproof safes belfast
Firefighter 420 
fireproof safe belfast
Firechief 1610 
fireproof safes ireland
Fire Commander 1900 
fireproof filing cabinet belfast
Excel Firefile 2240 
fireproof cabinet belfast
Data Care 2000 
fireproof safes northern ireland
Data Combi 2500 
datacare safes belfast
Data Commander 4620 
fireproof cabinet ireland
Millennium Duplex 4630 
key boxes belfast
Key Boxes 
key box belfast
Cash Boxes 
electronic keybox belfast
Electronic Key Boxes 
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